Levitating Plant™


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Levitating Plant™

Your eyes aren't deceiving you: These are real-life levitating planters! And just like in the classic magic trick, while they're hovering in midair, you can quickly sweep your finger between the planter and platform—or even give them a gentle spin.

Like magic

he secret is in the age-old technology of magnets. If you remember from grade school, when both north pole ends of two magnets face each other, there’s a strong magnetic repulsion. The platform and pot are essentially both north poles, and that’s how the planter stays afloat. Neat, right?

Step 1.

Place the plant and base on a flat, nonmetallic surface. Connect the AC Adapter to the power, and the other DC plug to the base.

Step 2.

With two hands, hold the plant above the center of the base and slowly put the plant down towards the base. When you feel resistance, adjust the plant until you feel a gentle release. Keep the plant stable for a few seconds.

Step 3.

Once you feel that the plant is almost balanced in mid-air (not falling down or being pushed up), slowly let go until the plant begins to rotate by itself.

2 Year Guarantee

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Levitating Plant ™

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