Levitating Shoe

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The Levitating Shoe stand gives you the ability to showcase your favourite sneakers in the most coolest way!
The use of an electromagnetic current which courses through your desired footwear item allows it to suspend in mid air.
With a small air flow your desired footwear item will continue to levitate and spin as long as power is connected.
In the case of a power outage the display has a specially integrated feature whereby your desired footwear item will remain magnetised and not fall and damage.
A unique manor of display created and designed by sneaker lovers for sneaker lovers.
Watch your shoe fly.

Opening: 35cm
SneakerDrip Floating Shoe Display includes:
  • Scale to make sure footwear of all sizes are compatible.
  • Pair of insole footwear protectors.
  • Sneaker weights.
  • Levitation assister.

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